How to remove press-on nails without damaging natural nails?

If you are new to press-on nails this is one of the first questions you will have. 

If you haven't applied them yet - this is a good guide how to apply the fake nails to make them look and feel natural. However, unfortenatly all good manis need to come to the end though, and there is no difference with press on nails. We have summarised below our best tricks to remove the press-on nails without damage.

Press-on nail removal with hot water

Our preffered method is hot water bath and a dash of your favorite body oil. 

Place your hands in the bowl and allow your nails to soak for 20 minutes. (If you do have a bath at home - this is a fantastic opportunity for a me-time spa moment) If one of the nails is stubborn, carefully lift up the endge of the fake nail from your natural nail and with gentle pressure slowly rotate the stick to remove the fake nail. If one of your flase nails falls off prematurely and, instead of reapplying, you wish to remove them all, repeat this process until they all start to loosen up to avoid damage.

Some experts recommend to remove press-on nails with acetone. Whilst it works and will remove the fake nails perfectly - be mindful, acetone is a harsh chemical that dries skin severely. It is not recommended to use on sensitive or injured skin.

How to remove glue residue on natural nail?

Sometimes it happens that after removal a bits and bobs of nail glue stays on the surface of your natural nail. You can gently buff the nail glue residue off with a polishing-side (light pink) of the nail file that is included in the set.

If you have an expert nail surface polishing nail file at home - put this baby to work - with a little surface polishing it will restore your natural nail.

You removed press-on nails, your natural nails feel dry.

Your natural nails are thirsty for moisture after they have been locked in a dry environment under artifical nails for days or even weeks. They might feel dry and brittle right after removal. The best thing you can do is to apply a generous amount of rich nourishing lotion or nail oil and massage into hands and nails to restore the natural moisture levels. Many nail base coats have nourishing and moisturising benefits - applying them will help to restore and smooth your natural nail surface faster.

Do I need to wait between two press on nail manicures?

We have great news. You don't need to wait to apply another LÓA NAILS press on nail manicure set. Your nails will be ready right after you remove the old false nail set. 

Voila - now you know it all - your nails will thank you!

DISCLAIMER: Do not force removal. Forced removal might cause visible surface damage.