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Prettier in Life!

These are prettier in real life than they are on your screen!!! Simple, cool and clean design that goes with a lot of styles - flattering and elongates the finger. They look and feel natural as advertised and lasted me 16 days! 10/10

Rainbow On My Hands
Magdalena Horvath
Best false nails

These nails are the far best ones I have ever tried!

Ready For Frosé
Izzy Granack
Love them!

The packing is absolutely adorable! I love the personalized mailer, the packaging colors are beautiful on the boxes themselves and the nails of course are SO-SO beautiful! These feel like the nicest press one I've had - the entire experience feels luxe & like you're going to get to treat yourself at home!

Reliable and Beautiful!

I love the trendy nail art styles and the quality is A LOT better than most other press-on nails out there! I also love that they are PETA Certified! They’ve lasted on my nails for up to two weeks and they can be reused which is super convenient!

Ready For Frosé
Lea H. N.
10/10 - they make me happy!

The best false nails i have ever tried! The attention to detail these girls put into product makes the whole experience luxe! The quality is better than anything on the market - they don't chip, bend and they really last 2+ weeks! Can't wait for the next drop! 🤍

Just beautiful!

Love the color, love the shape. Suits my nails perfectly! :)

Highest quality press ons

These LOA press on rainbow nails are like the most perfectly designed nails I ever wore. I felt super stylish the entire time I wore them. On top of it, quality is super high too as I do a lot of house work all by myself and they stayed without any damage for 2 weeks.

My new obsession

These LOA press on nails are literally my newest obsession. I wore them for more than two weeks now and got so many compliments how nice and tidy my nails are. Would def recommend.

Life saver

These press on are such a huge discovery for me. I already reused them for about 4 times for the unexpected parties and date nights I had. That was such a life saver in the last moments, especially as it takes only couple of minutes to apply them on. I'm obsessed!

These are FIRE 🔥

Applies in seconds! The nails lasted me full weekend! Super easy to remove + can reuse the nails too! 10/10

Lóa Nails Gift Card
Stefany Barker
Very easy experience!

No hassle experience to purchase, gift and use the card.

Obsessed !!

Absolutely obsessed with these nails!! They look like I’ve literally just walked out the salon and i made them MYSELF AT HOME. Super easy to apply with the glue - everything you need comes in a kit - AMAZING. Definitely won’t be going back to a salon for my nails anytime soon after getting these!

These Nails are just gorgeous!! The hot red color is just stunning for summer. They have been on my hands for 3 weeks now - no poping or chipping! They are super durable they've survived it all; washing my hair, washing dishes and the house running around doing errads. They are just simply amazing - 10/10 recommend and will get another pair soon!

Rainbow On My Hands
Bernarda Ivankovic
This Nails Saved my Life!!

I am working lots of over-hours, meaning I having very limited free time and opportunities to do something for myself. For this reason I have been searching for a fast, beautiful & long lasting nail solution.. Accidentally I came across LOA NAILS.. I was blown away.. it was exactly what I need!! Fast & convenient & beautiful & amazing design and most importantly long lasting solution! My current experience is 10/10! Highly recommend!

They are super durable

Love love love these nails❤️
They look and feel natural and everyone thinks i went to a salon - until i tell them my secret! My friend told me about them - and seeing her wearing them for so long - I invested and bought the whole collection - I cannot wait for new colors and styles🥳
They are super durable - lasted me two weeks and are still perfect - i do the normal house work, washing dishes - i even washed the car this week! I think i will take them off tonight - but they would have stayed longer if i wanted them to! Will buy again!

Rainbow On My Hands
Natalis Domini

I was so excited to try on LOA NAILS new summer press on nails! They 100% lived up all the expectations and hype! I love the shape - i love how easy they were to apply! It was the first time for me and it took me 10 minutes with fixing the cuticles! 10/10!

Fantastic nails!

I have had these nails for over a week now! And they still look like fresh out of the salon - AND THERE IS NO TRICK! Application is easy as they say - The full mani was done in 10 minutes with the glue and it was my first time! They are 100% chip-proof - I work in a clothing shop - so my nails are constantly on heavy-duty. And the styles are really cool - I get constantly compliments from my clients! I am hooked for life!

Amazing Product

These nails bring me soo much JOY and happiness! They are a gamechanger - they saved me time - i don't need to stress about an appointment and getting there - and i am getting the latest nail art i want without surprises! They have survived easily a week of my life + super tough weekend on the beach - playing volleyball and surfing! I will never go back to salon - i am obsessed!


Genuinely amazed by these false nails. I used to wear acrylics - but i needed to stop as my nails became super sensitive. I had a special event coming up, so thought I’d give these a try! I loved the designs - these nails look like acrylics from salon and feel like your own. 14 days later and they’re still going strong! Would definitely recommend and will definitely be buying more!

Nail Art Super Saver
Anna Dr. Bartus
The BEST 🙌🏻

These are the best fake nails ever!! So strong, easy to use, and look like the real thing from the salon. I never leave reviews but just had to!! The nails are super high quality - the nails don't bend like the store ones - and look super natural as well once applied. They are easy to apply, following the tutorial and the glue is magic! They lasted me easily 2 weeks without poping off! Can't recommend highly enough - won't buy any others ever!

Save time and money!

I am extremely satisfied with this product, because I used to spend three hours on a manicure. Loa nails serve as an instant solution, but they certainly last for three to four weeks.


It’s absolutely gorgeous, easy done home mani. I love it! I literally have a new nail style in 5 minutes.

I am impressed

I'm a beginner and they were super easy to apply. I'm not even aware I have them on, they feel like my natural nails - only they look 1000x better. This is day 5 they have been on but I'm confident they will stay on much longer. Definitely getting these again 😍

I Like It Haute
Hollie Owens
Would highly recommend

Wow…. I had absolutely no expectations for these nails but I decided to give them a try as a good friend of mine recommended them to me -I thought that maybe they would last a day, perhaps two - BUT I WAS SOO WRONG. I was surprised how well and how quickly I managed to apply them, it took about 10 seconds for each nail. I have two little girls and cooking for them, cleaning and bathing them is no walk in the park - and the nails withstood ALL of this! I am amazed. I LOVE THEM! ❤️

I Like It Haute
Victoria Redmond
Way beyond my expectations!

I never write reviews - this is actually my first one ever! THESE PRESS-ON NAILS 100% deserve one! I work as a fitness coach and ski instructor; my hands are under constant pressure. I though they will maybe last me 1-2 days but they made it to two weeks and i am seriously impressed. They look natural and feel natural too. They were easy to shape with a nail file and nail scissors - i needed to make them shorter for the job. This is the first time i tried press on nails and this is such a cheap but great way to feel more feminine! 100% will buy again!