Are press on nails less damaging than acrylics or gel?

Trust me when I tell you, your natural nails are much safer if you wear press-on nails instead of gel or acrylics. Gel nails aren’t as damaging as acrylics but still way more damaging than the pair of press on’s.

They all look good indeed. However, gel and acrylics can mess up your natural nails causing nail thinning to the point that they hurt so much just when you touch your nail beds. Nail damage is caused by either the acetone soak that’s required to remove the gel or the actual chemical composition of the gel and acrylic or too strong/too much of the nail bed buffing.

I know, it's scary, but natural nails can hurt too. I didn’t think that was possible until I had removed my salon manicure and noticed how red my nails were because there got extremely thin after wearing gels for a couple of months. It took around four months for my natural nails to heal entirely until I could use any manicure to my nails.

That’s when I realized I needed to change my manicure routine ‘cuz I love having nice nails. There’s almost nothing better than having tidy and pretty nails that give me an extra boost of confidence.

LÓA press on nails are made of 94% recycled plastic, nail glue is made of non-toxic ingredients, and our little buffer is gentle on my natural nails; therefore, I manage to keep my nails healthy even if I wear false nails continuously. The secret is to be patient and follow instructions accordingly so nothing can go wrong when applying or removing pop on nails.

Besides being less damaging, press on nails are designed to be applied at home and not at a salon. Since I wear LÓA press on’s, I saved money and time I didn’t know I could.  Application is relatively easy, and it doesn’t require any additional equipment. They usually lasted me for around three weeks, which is more or less the same as gel lasted me.

I’m way beyond excited about finding the right alternative of a pretty manicure that is safe for my nails and my skin as well. I’m so ready to rock all trendy summer designs by LÓA nails.

With love,

Sanja, LÓA NAILS co-founder