Clean, efficacious and curated
Our mission is to make the cutest and happiest nailcare products that truly work and are above all good for you and the planet! Our products are non-toxic, cruelty-free and sustainable, designed by all female team and love every step of the way. With a range of vibrant, playful designs, this is clean nail care with an impact.
Self care without compromise
You feel smart on Mondays, cute on Tuesdays & glamorous on Saturdays. You evolve and so should your manicure. Who do you want to be today?

Manicures are the ultimate form of self-expression and lasting confidence to wear. Treat yourself with a bit of self-love in the form of a manicure, and count the compliments.
I am ready to treat myself
Designed in house
Nail art is meaningful. It allows you to express yourself and be who you really are.

We like to create designs that are provocative, upending, challenging, and meaningful to those who wear them. Each and every design is first hand painted and perfected to achieve the perfect proportions to match every hands.

The process requires crafts(wo)manship, real paint and real women. We love it and It's beautiful.
HI! We are Ella & Sanja!
The girls from the next door. We created LÓA because we were both frustrated with our manicure routines. Our manicure journey inspired us to create a new generation of effortless at-home manicure products that truly work and are accessible to everyone.

From day one, our approach has been efficacious, conscious and playful. It comes from a place of self-love, happiness, and doing good.

We hope these products will become your go-to manicure essentials that give you a lasting boost of confidence day after day and bring a cheeky smile to your face every time you look at your nails.

With love,
Ella & Sanja
LÓA NAILS Founders Ella Jonas Sanja Hajdarpasic
Intentionally good manicures
LÓA is a collection of curated press-on nails and nail care essentials. Made with ingredients that love your nails back! Total transparency. Clean ingredients. Innovative recycled materials with social impact. This is mindful nail care. We pledge to do better for our community and the planet every step of the way.
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