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Honey, It's Brunch Time
Richelle Souza
order #1288

I still have not received the product ordered on 4/23/23

Classic Mani Bundle
Taylor Davis
Never got my order

I’m in the USA. Never got my stuff :/

Hello Taylor! We checked your tracking number and your order was marked delivered. Please reach out to our customer service via help@loanails.com to figure out what might have happened to your parcel.

Best Red Nails!!

Perfekte rote Nägel in ein paar Minuten. Liebe die Form. Gemütlich zu Hause, ohne Terminen und soo easy. Mir persönlich halten min 3 Wochen. Ich kann nur empfehlen

Okay, but not great

The nails took almost a month to arrive (I did find later in the shipping fine print it would take 10-20 business days) but it would have changed my expectation (for the better) if at checkout there was a similar note on length of shipping. Once nails arrived I was a little bummed with how curved they were. I don’t think I have especially flat nails but these nails were significantly more curved than my natural nails which made the stick on not work and even when I glued the nails on, they were still uncomfortable on the sides of my nail and ultimately had to be removed early. The color was really pretty, I just wish they would have fit better.

Best Nails

Ich denke, dass ich nach Loa Nails süchtig bin :)). Beste Nägel, die ich hatte. Wunderschönes Design, halten unglaublich! Und soo schnell fertig!!

My Favorite Design!

I love the pastel nail art on this manicure! They make my day brighter everytime I look at them without being too empowering - works with all outfits! The nail art is super good quality and is not chipping at all. This is my 3rd order! I LOVE this brand! Would Recommend!

These nails are beautiful!

The pattern is perfect. After application, they looked as natural as a salon manicure. What I love about them is that they look and feel lighter than salon acrylics. The length and length are exactly what I was looking for. I recommend it and I will buy another set soon!

I love them!

She loved these nails!

Got them for my wife, who after 15 minutes since package receipt already had them on and loving them! Thanks LOA!

Perfect manicure

This nail design is one of my favs, and these press on look just perfect. Better than any nail artist could ever do, and nails actually feel super natural! Iabsolutely love them

Honey, It's Brunch Time
Miranda Edwards
The most perfect nails

Honey it’s brunch time are an all time favourite and can literally go with any mood, any outfit. They are the perfect nail to mix and match with rainbow on my hands or even I like it haute! So versatile in design, the thoughtful length, and durable. These press ons last 2 weeks + so be prepared to stay fab for a long time!

Honey, It's Brunch Time
Cathleen Gomes

Honey, It's Brunch Time

I am wearing the nails today! 👀

This is my second order and needless to say I am obsessed! I was never able to afford going to salon consistently and was disappointed by supermarket fake nails. These are the best quality press-on nails I have ever tried and they literally look like I have been to the salon. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My favorite

Literally my favorite nail design for summer! The pastels are giving the pop of color and happiness I needed right now! They lasted me 16 days! Thanks for making my manicure on point and also more sustainable!!! 100% recommend!

Love these nails!

I try to be more conscious about beauty products i use, this is the first press-on nail brand that matches my clean beauty needs. Thanks for making easy to use, cute manicures! 💓

I Like It Haute
Jana Breidenbach

I Like It Haute

This is best find of 2022 so far!

I am a nurse and I cannot get my nails done because of my job! These tabs changed my life! I can finally wear the manicures I always wanted! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS MULTIPACK BOX and making it super affordable. 50 cents per wear for me! <3 You got a loyal customer for life!


I am so-so-so in love with this nail glue. I used to use the regular tube that comes with the kit, but this makes the press-on nail application super easy and mess-free! it's super convenient and also results in a better and more precise application = more natural-looking nails! If you're contemplating getting it just go for it! I highly recommend 💕

Super strong and durable!

I was so excited to purchase this glue because the glue that comes with the nails works well but I wanted something that had an easier application. This brush-on glue is perfect. You are able to 100% control how much glue you put on and it applies super easy! The bottle lasts me months and doesn't dry out like some other brands!

I never received my order

Never received it. Tried to contact the company, and NOTHING. Very very frustrating

Hi Anna! I am sorry you had a bad experience. We are a small business and don't have 0/24 customer service. We replied, however within 4 hours reciving your email. Looking at your tracking number your order is on the way, currently at the local distribution center and will arrive within next couple of days! We will monitor your order closely and be in contact with you in case that changes!

Edit from customer service: The package arrived 1 day after submitting this review.

Honey, It's Brunch Time
Gretchen Lennon
Love 💗

Love love LOVE my Loa nails! So beautiful for my wedding, and still lasting perfectly days later 💞💞💞 thank you so much!

Perfect colour & style

This is the perfect colour for the everyday mani. If I had to chose only one style, it would be this one :)
The more i use this brand, the more I am impressed by the quality.

Love this product

These tabs have completely changed my life! They last easily up to 5 days - although they only advertise 48hrs!!! They are SUPER EASY to apply and remove. They do not damage your natural nails and you can reuse the nails after wearing them at least 4-5 times! 10/10!!!

Sehr schöne Nägel

Die Nägel sind ein Traum. Hält super und sieht natürlich aus!

I Run This Show
Lea H. N.
Look professionally done

I use these nails with sticky tabs - they are non-damaging unlike acrylic and end up being lighter and feel more natural to wear. The length is great for everyday wear, but I always trim them shorter to fit my nails, they shape really easily. One application will last for a week or 2 depending on how hard I am on them. For my hand, I can get 2 full sets of nails out of one package. Great value for money!