Are press-on nails really better than gel and acrylic nails?

Did you know you can have perfect manicure ready in only few minutes with press-on nails? Did you know you that press-on manicure is less damaging than acrylic or gel nails but look as fantastic? Believe us when we say now you can have it all.

Press-on nail manicure at home better than gel and acrylic nails.

Forget about expensive UV gel nail lamp that requires months to learn how to use it properly. We don’t want you to invest any more money on the new gel colors and spend hours of practicing on how to do nails yourself. Even if you become a pro, gel and acrylics nails still do quite a damage to your natural nails only after couple of weeks of wearing it.

Press on nails are new thing everyone is talking about and that is completely justified. With LÓA press-on nails now you can achieve it all: save time, money and your natural nails.

Press on nails are a manicure set where no additional equipment is required, all you need is already included in every single press-on nail set. Kit contains 24 nails in 10 different sizes, so be sure you will find the right ones for your natural nails. Besides, you get nail file, wooden cuticle stick, non-toxic adhesive and adhesive tabs. It is your choice if you want to have nails ready for the next two weeks or only for that one event you have happening soon. And another five to six events coming up as our press-on nails are reusable up to six times if you wish to use them only for a short wear.

Whatever option you chose, short or long wear be sure that our beautiful manicure sets are carefully designed for you to nail your day every day.

We know you care more than only the looks you wear, that’s why we have introduced press-on nails that are safe to apply (at home) and wear. LOA press on nails are non-toxic and non-damaging comparing to acrylic or gel nails you are used to wear or better to say, you used to wear until now.

There are no fake promises, only false nails that look as real as possible. Be sure everyone will be asking you what your new manicure secret is.

Stay tuned for more.