Are press-on nails waterproof?

Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails?  Can I wear press-on nails in the pool? Can I shower with glue on nails? What kind of nails should I get for the beach?

You are starting to plan your summer holidays - which means planning your summer outfits and matching HOLIDAYS MANICURE is the vibe. It's officially time to stock up on summer favorites - but most importantly investing into good quality waterproof press-on nails to nail the day.

First, you want to choose a brand with strong, water-resistant glue. Some glues are better than others in terms of performance. You want to choose a brand that claims at least 2-week wear. Investing in brush-on nail glue also makes sense - as it makes the application process easier - and allows more precise application - that will help the nails stay on longer.

After all, we do have good news - LÓA NAILS - are waterproof for you to feel like a mermaid - wherever you want to splash, swim or slide - whether is a beach, swimming pool, or spa - we got you, girl! 

What is great about press-on nails is that they are travel-friendly too! The nail kit is smaller than your hairbrush and fits perfectly in your bag. Make sure you always bring along some extra glue and press-on nails in case of emergency.

Besides having on-point nails you want to also take care of your cuticles and hands. The gritty beach sand, salty water, and even chlorine in the pools are the no.1 cuticle and hand skin enemy. To prevent wear and tear on your cuticles pack your favorite cuticle oil in your beach bag - and let your cuticles can soak up the moisture, while you're soaking up the sun.  Don't skip SPF on hands - hand skin is as delicate as your face skin - to prevent premature signs of aging - make sure you use high SPF on your hands too.

Sharing your manicure with friends is the ultimate self-care moment. LÓA NAILS offers affordable, on-trend manicures without breaking the bank. Stock up on summer favorites now, and bring a few more sets to mix and match and share with friends. It will be a hit!

Wherever you are spending this summer holidays - we wish you a safe and happy summer! Tag us in those staycation or vacation selfies and show off your perfect summer mani! <3