Can press-on nails be reused?

LÓA press on nails can be applied in two different ways, with a nail glue or by using adhesive/sticky tabs. In every LÓA press on nail kit you get both, nail glue and adhesive tabs too so you can always choose the last minute how you will wear your false nails.   

Before we get more deep into the topic, let us just quickly remind you what are the differences between the two. 

If you need additional info in order to understand the difference better, we have already prepared it for you here

Okay, let's finally go back to the main question if press on nails can be reused. 

We have got good news for you [YAAAY] as the answer is – yes! Pop on nails can be reused up to 5 times especially if you wear them only with adhesive tabs but there are certain things you need to do in order to be able to reapply them properly so they still look like brand new. 

  1. Remove your false nails correctly

 The key to reusing your press on nails is that you have to safely remove them from your natural nails without damaging them. Please avoid using any chemicals such as acetone as you can remove pop on nails only by peeling them off or by lifting them gently with a help of cuticle stick. 

  2.  Clean and store them gently 

Once you remove your false nails, make sure to get off the excess tab glue from the back of the nail, clean them with alcohol and finally store them back to your original LÓA manicure kit. Our research shows that you can reuse them up to five times if removed and stored per suggested, but you might be able to wear it even more than five times if you are being very careful with your pressies. 

Although we did say press on's are reusable only if used with sticky tabs, there are few things you might want to do if you wear your press on for a long wear (with the nail glue). 

  1. Mix & match extra nails 

Since there are 24 nails in each and every manicure kit, save your leftovers for the next mix and match from another set. 

  2. Exchange extras with another LÓA fan

We are aware you won't be able to use all of the 14 extra nails but you might wanna exchange extras with your bestie who perhaps needs large nails while you fit better petite ones, for instance.

  3. Save money & love your planet

You not only save money as you get additional set by mixing and matching extra nails, but you also act responsible as you use product you would otherwise dispose for no reason. We at LÓA encourage you take care of our planet as much as you can same as we are doing with our sustainability  initiatives, which you will learn more about really soon and we are super excited about it!  

While you patiently wait to learn how LÓA is becoming more green, check out our favourites and see what nail sets you can mix and match the best. 

Good luck and have fun wearing your most amazing press on's! <3