Non Toxic Nail Glue for Press-on Nails

You care about what beauty products you put on your skin, hair and nails. A simple answer; "it's non-toxic" does not make a cut with you, because you truly want to know what goes into the products you use.

First, let's start with a fact. Every ingredient that goes into our products is toughtfully formulated and tested with 3rd parties to ensure we bring you the cleanest and safest formulas possible. While US bans only 11 toxic ingredients to use for cosmetics application, we pride ourselfs to formulate under EU regulation banning more than 1'400 + questionable chemicals.

When it comes to nail care nasties, we are pround to say we are 100% 10-FREE - saying NO to: Dibutyl phthalate, TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate), Toluene, Xylene, Ethyl tosylamide, Camphor, Formaldehyde resin, Parabens, Tert-butyl hydroperoxide. If you wanna learn more about why these ingredients are bad for your health and why you should avoid them - head over THIS blog post.

Full disclosure these are the ingredients we use in our nail glue:

Cyanoacrylate: A medical-grade adhesive – our superglue that makes your manicure last.​

Polymethyl Methacylate: Acrylic Glass – often used in medical devices and dentist applications known for quick bonding at room temperature.​

BHA: Used widely in cosmetic industry due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

So, is my press-on nail glue toxic?

Not all glues are made the same. Always check out the brand values and ingredient info and make an informed decision. LÓA NAILS nail glue is non-toxic for your nails and it complies with strict EU regulation. Each of our nail kits comes with attached glue that last for 2-3 applications.


What is the safest nail glue to use?

We bet on our GLUE and ADHESIVE TABS.

It's a good question. If you are new to press-on nails you might want to start practicing with glue application for short wear. This way you can remove the nails a bit easier if you apply the wrong size or they are a bit wonky (happened to all of us before). Check out our application & removal instructions to get the application tips directly from press-on nail pro's!

What can I use instead of nail glue for press on nails?

What we are lately obsessed about are the adhesive tabs. They last a week long, you can't "rip-them-off" they come of gently as a sticker and leave no damage to your natural nails. Plus you can reuse the false nails too!

Care about press-on nail sustainability? We are the first press-on nail brand to use recycled plastic in the nails and also the first plastic neutral nail care brand? What does plastic neutral means? It means for every product made we collect and repurpose equivalent amount of plastic from the environment. Shop for cleanest and most sustainable press-on nail tips here, get best deals with bundles or learn more about our sustainability efforts - cuz we are all about transparency.

Hope to say hi to you soon in our orders list, <3