PETA Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan Press-on Nails

Is LÓA NAILS Cruelty Free?

LÓA NAILS is proud and excited to be 
recognised by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as a cruelty free brand. You might best recognize PETA cruelty free by their bunny logo. As a seal of guarantee, you can find this logo at each and every LÓA NAILS press-on nail product. 

What does PETA APPROVED means?

LÓA NAILS is a 100% PETA certified cruelty free brand. At LÓA NAILS we have always believed passionately that animals should not be used for cosmetic testing. By signing PETA's Global Animal Test Policy we pledged together with our suppliers that we will not now or ever in future conduct, commission, pay for, or allow any tests on animals for our ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world. We love our furry friends, therefore beauty without harm is very important to us at LÓA NAILS. 

Many countries across the globe (including Switzerland and European Union) have banned the practice of animal testing entirely. At LÓA we firnly believe that innovation doesn't need to come at the price of testing on animals. There are better ways to test our ingredients and formulations. Modern methods of testing have proven to be effective indicators of safety. Innovations such as artificial human skin eliminate the need to harm animal subjects. Animal testing is outdated and not the most accurate method. 

You can search for cosmetic brands that are cruelty free certified by using this webpage:

Are LÓA NAILS products also vegan?

Yes! Our press-on nail line is made from 100% vegan ingredients and always will be. The products are also VEGAN certified by PETA.