Top 5 benefits of LÓA press on nails

Did you know what benefits press on nail have comparing to acrylics or any other fake nails? I can list at least five benefits from top of my mind.

Press on nails aren’t the nails you remember getting in a local drugstore like a decade or even two decades ago. LÓA press nails are innovative, upgraded fake nails made of high-quality plastic while glue is made of non-toxic and non-damaging components.

Besides these two main advantages, let me introduce you to other equally import benefits of LÓA NAILS.


LÓA press on nails are indeed long lasting. Our research and test prove that the average wear is up to 14 days, where many women including businesswomen, moms and even grandams would wear it up to three weeks.

You can easily do you daily tasks such as doing dishes, work out, gardening, hair care etc. and not being afraid you will loose or damage your LÓA pressies.

With our non-toxic glue, you are safe to do whatever and keep enjoying your regular activities as our fake nails will stay and keep you ready for whatever comes your way.


    Are you a fan of basic, one color nails or on contrary art manicure? Don’t worry, whatever your mood is, occasion or the taste – we’ve got you covered with our two artificial nails manicure types. Art and Basic.

    In our first collection we have introduced two one color artificial nails – red and nude. You know you will never go wrong with either of these.

    Apart from these, we have introduced three art manicure with a trendy curvy lines and pastel colors that everyone will love.

    All you need to do is choose one of our five press on nails and take only couple of minutes for yourself to do your manicure from the comfort of your home.


       Like we said in the previous paragraph, all you have to do is choose what LÓA press on nails fit your personality the best and do your manicure from the comfort of your home. We literally mean that as you don’t need any special or additional equipment such as UV nails lamp, topcoat and so on. All you need is already packed in the LÓA NAILS press on nail box (alcoholic pad, two-sided nail file, wooden nail stick, adhesive tabs and the nail glue). Everything besides alcoholic pad and adhesive tabs is reusable, therefore you can keep it all for other times, if necessary.


      Once you have your manicure ready, you can easily customize it to the preferred length if you love having shorter nails than their original length is. As mentioned earlier, LÓA pack of fake nails already includes the nail buffer which can be used to buff and shorten the stick-on nails.

      In case is necessary, you can also buff fake nails in width, so they get smaller to fit your natural nail perfectly. LÓA press on nail comes in 10 different sizes, hence everyone should be able to find the right fit for the natural nail.


        With our innovative non-toxic formula for the nail glue, there is nothing to be worried about if you apply and even more importantly, remove the artificial nails correctly. Please make sure to follow our guide and tutorials on application and removal process.

        Adhesive tabs are simple stickers that allow you to wear nails only for one night or couple of days, while LÓA NAILS nail glue is appropriate for the long wear, for up to 14 days without causing damage to your natural nail.