What type of false nails is not damaging?

We all know by now how damaging gel or acrylics are. The best false nails alternative is press on nails.  They are all long-lasting and pretty durable. However, press on nails seems to be the least damaging fake nail on the market at the moment.

Acrylics or gel nails might look fabulous. Nevertheless, there are certain drawbacks. Mainly, the chemicals they are made of are harmful to your health and can damage your natural nails over time. But like we have already said, luckily there are suitable and healthier substitutes. Press on nails will give you that gorgeous manicure you are after without worrying about the consequences of wearing them. 

LÓA press on nails, and our nail glue are made of non-toxic materials, they are 10 FREE, and we even test our products for skin sensitivity. 10 free label means products are free of the 10 worst toxic chemical ingredients used in cosmetics. We carefully choose ingredients for our products as we do care to only bring clean and non-toxic solutions to our consumers.

 In order to keep your nails healthy before, during, and after the press on nails, please follow our guide for applying, removing, and for taking care of your nails carefully. It is essential that you apply and remove nails as suggested, so you don’t damage your natural nails. Visit the Tutorial page to learn more about how to apply and remove pop-on nails properly. 

There are two ways to apply LÓA press on nails, either with the nail glue or the adhesive tabs. Let’s be honest here, it is always a better solution to wear your false nails with the adhesive tabs as almost nothing can go wrong with it, while nail glue can cause some damage in case you are too hard on your nails or you force removal at any time. You can learn more about the differences and benefits of tabs and nail glue here. 

Every LÓA manicure set has both, nail glue and adhesive tabs included. Therefore, you have a choice of which application method is more suitable for you, and if necessary, you can always purchase an additional set of adhesive tabs or brush on nail glue

We at LÓA care deeply that your manicure looks not only tidy and trendy but healthy as well, hence we have created a brand that provides you with both, looks and a natural feel.