What is a press on nail & why you shouldn't miss this trend?

We are obsessed with Press-on, stick-on, fake, glue-on nails - you name it! And we will tell you why you should be too!

What is a press-on nail?

Press-on nails are glue on artificial nails that have been made from high quality durable plastic resin (same-as-lego-bricks). They are usually applied with a non-toxic glue or adhesive tabs to your natural nail. Everything you need - comes in a set pre-packed and ready to use. And best news - your new manicure is done in a minutes!

Press-on nails come in variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. So we are sure you will find the most suitable look for every occasion - from basic nude to wow nail art following latest trends and fashion.

If you are like us; rather spend your precious time with friends and family than heading to salon - this might be a perfect solution to your manicure needs. We know, something still doesn't feel right - you remember the cheap off-drug-store counter press-on nails that didn't last and looked a quite plasticky. No worries - we solved this, LÓA NAILS have been designed with a modern woman in mind.

How long do they last?

First of all, you need to make sure you are using a quality product like LÓA NAILS. Different press-on nail manufacturers work with different materials and glues. However besides the quality of the nail it is actually the application process that make the difference. Following our tutorials your nails could easily last up to two weeks - our secret to long lasting wear - never spare on glue. If you want a short wear - like Beyonce switching nails with every song during her A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Coachella performance - hop on adhesive tab trend. They will last for your next event - we promise. 

Are Press-on nails Safe? Will they damage my natural nails?

Actually you would be surprised. Compared to standard salon treatments press-on nails are actually a lot more safer and less damaging. If you carefully follow the removal guidance - your nails will pop-off as they pop-ed on - under minutes. But what makes them better - compared to acrylics or gel - press-on nails do not require strong buffing nor chemical soaking in acetone. Your cuticles and natural nails will thank you that.

Not yet convinced? Read our post on how to apply them - to achieve perfect natural look!

Or check out the tutorials section on how to apply them!

Can't wait to see you rock your next set!