Why press-on nails are better than nail polish

If you only have 1 minute, just read this: Press-on nails last longer, are non-toxic unlike many polishes, you can forget about the dry time and don't chip at all! Shop the cutest press-on nail designs here.

If you want to go deeper, we will walk you through the pros and cons of nail polish and why we vouch for press-on nails .vs the standard nail polish.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you apply the polish perfectly (not me tho) and then wait for 5-10 minutes, and it smudges right away! Most likely 2 minutes before you need to leave the house!!! You are safe with press-on nails. There is no wait time for these falsies; you apply them with tabs or glue and are ready to go straight away.

Perfect polish requires talent, practice, patience, and time. If you don't have these, it's safe to say you will achieve better results using press-on nails. And we are never disappointed. Are you new to press-ons? Here you can find tutorials to achieve the best results on the first go!

Unlike nail polish that lasts maybe a good day on me and starts chipping, press-on nails can last me 2+ weeks, and I am not easy on my hands. Technically press-on nails are a pre-cured version of gels or acrylics for at-home use. However, there is a big difference between our press-on nails and the plasticky ones from the drugstore. This new generation of press-on nails looks like acrylics or gel, and they are strong as salon manicures. If you would also rather hide your natural nails in pockets than show them off proudly (like me) but can't afford salon manis regularly (like me), switching to press-on nails is a great idea! Also not to mention, your natural nails are much safer under a pair of press-on nails than gels or acrylics.

Now we're talking. Suppose you are not a clean beauty guru who checks and knows every ingredient of the formulations. In that case, we are confident to say there is a significant probability your nail polish is toxic to you and the environment. Suppose you must choose a nail polish check before buying. Check if the brand is 10-FREE, meaning that the formula is made without the ten most common controversial chemicals found in drugstore nail polishes. Worry not with our press-on nails; with only a handful of ingredients, our press-on nails are non-toxic and 10-FREE. 

Ok, you have a point; press-on nails are made of plastic. But here is a twist, we are the first brand to make press-on nails from recycled post-consumer plastic. Furthermore, we are the first nail care brand to be plastic neutral! What does that mean? For every manicure we make, we remove an equal amount of plastic from the environment. Learn more about our sustainability commitments here. What about the polish? Such a small bottle? It's not only the bottle you need to count into your manicure footprint but also the remover and the cotton pads. Overall a standard nail polish routine has a more significant footprint over time.

Ready to invest in your first set of press-on nails? Check out ours! 

+ Made from 94% Recycled PCR (aka Post-consumer-recycled-resin) materials
+ PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan
+ Non-Toxic and Non-Damaging Glue
+ Lasts up to 14 days (tested by 50 women) <3

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Ella & Sanja