What Clean Beauty Means at LÓA NAILS? Recyclability and stuff.

We have a type - it's Clean.

That's why we're ultra-sensitive about the ingredients and materials we use in our products. And we LOVE getting questions about ingredients and sustainability because we believe when it comes to transparency - we cannot overshare.

What does CLEAN means at LÓA? It means our products are made with non-toxic, gentle ingredients and recyled materials wherever possible. No animal by-products (We are PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan). We're just here to make some lasting and durable manis that are realiable 24-7-365.

We hear you - you want to read more about recyclability!!

We are the first press-on nail brand to use PCR (post-consumer-resin, aka recycled plastic!) in false nails. Going forward, all new nails will be made from 94%+ recycled materials.

Our manufacture is RCS verified and compliant with recycled claim standard. RCS investigates the production and products to assure the presence and the amount of recycled material in a final product. Our nails are graded as recycled blended product; made 94% of post-consumer recycled ABS and 6% of virgin material to ensure great product quality and user experience. Our nail trays are graded as recycled blended product too; made out of 96% post-consumer recycled PET.

This is only the beginning. We are currently evaluating a range of non-virgin and bio materials to improve our footprint and bring Eco-friendly(er) solutions in the near future.

Do they look good?

We hear you! Recycled nails are as durable and strong as non-recycled ones and as glossy too. We worked hard with our suppliers to create a fantastic product that looks good and makes you feel good too without compromise.

It's made of household trash - isn't it dirty?

Would you ask Evian the same question about their PCR recycled bottles that you slurp your crystal clear Alpine water from? We comply with very-very-high beauty industry quality and safety standards - therefore we can personally assure you - they are absolutely 100% clean and safe to use. According to WHO, temperatures over 65°C are enough to kill most viruses and bacterias - our nails are made by injection mold technology, which means we need to heat up the ABS to 250°C before we inject it into final shapes - so if you don't trust science trust kitchen logic - all nasties are fried in the process.

In what bin should I put my used nails?

Disclaimer: We work to provide our customers with accurate guidelines on packaging recyclability, however, please ensure that your city or municipal program is consulted before recycling an item.

PET trays are recyclable through the majority of local curbside recycling programs.

Coated carton boxes are widely recyclable through local curbside recycling programs.

Although our nails are made from recycled materials - our Nail glue and press-on nails are too small to be re-cycled. Please dispose the glue and the used nails into your household bin.