Are press on nails better than they used to be?

LÓA false nails have nothing in common with the press on's we wore when we were teenagers, which was like more than a decade ago. Ugh, this makes us seem so old. 😭  I recall the press-on nails from that time being plasticky, flimsy and really not looking anything like a salon manicure.

A good decade later, we are reinventing the game. Our press-on nails are nothing like the nails from the past - or other drugstore brands you tried. Here is the proof in couple of short points why we think our press-on nails are WAY better than anything else you ever tried.

Are press on nails better than they used to be?


Our nails are made of high quality 94% recycled ABS plastic. Same as lego cubes. Which makes them super strong and durable - but also safe for you and your loved ones. They don't bend easily or break. We tested them for durability with 50 women - and 50 women say - they witstand the daily wear and tear.


LÓA NAILS nail kit contains false nails in 10 different sizes - to ensure they fit all hands from petite, medium and large nail beds. The nails are more sturdy on the top and a bit thinner on the cuticle side to ensure a perfect lightwheight fit.


Unlike many products out-there we pride ourselves being non-toxic - free from nailcare nasties such as parabens, toluene, TPHP, Camphor and the list goes on (...) - and Peta certified cruelty free and vegan.

We are also compliant with EU Regulation that bans 1,300+ ingredients for use in cosmetics.

The glue is also non-damaging, when the removal instructions are followed carefully. Salon results - without the damage is a thing now.


You can apply our nails both for short or long wear - with adhesive sticky tabs - or nail glue. Both attached to every LÓA NAIL kit. We pride ourselves to meticilous prep - therefore we found it essential to include into our nail kit a full prep tool completed with alcohol wipe, cuticle stick and dual-sided nail file. 

What's more, with proper prep work, LÓA press-on nails can last anywhere between two and four weeks even through showers and all the house work you do yourself. Now - which store bought manicure can do that for you???

Our nails are also REUSABLE with the short wear - you can just pop them and off with adhesive tabs for 5-6 times without worries.


Ok - do we really need to mention this. We are literally your Pinterest board come true. Forget the tacky designs, and join the cool girl gang.

So back to initial question - are press on nails better than they used to be? We can't speak for everyone - but ours are certainly worth a shot trying.

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